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Raphael Daum, Raphael Daum Graz, Raphael Daum Ortweinschule

Raphael Daum (2006)

is student at „Ortweinschule“ Graz, which offers one of Aus- trias renewed photography education.

He has taken further education with „Magnum Photo“ in Venice 2022. For exam- ple, he is capable of working in studio photography as well as reportage photo- graphy, and taking pictures in indoor locations such as theaters and opera houses. Furthermore, he is equally proficient in analog and digital photography and has dark room experience.

Likewise he has gained experience in working with partners and as a team, had several projects, for example „Gina Liebt!“, with Austrian Artist Nicole Pruckermayr. Raphael has also worked for streetfestival LaStrada.

„Nach Oben!“ (2022), shown multiple times at Reinghaus Gründe, Graz

group exhibition „CITY< >HOSPITAL“ (2021-2022), Schaumbad Graz

group exhibition „Gina Liebt!“ (2021), Off Galerie Graz

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